Thursday, March 6, 2008

Home Inspection Today

We had the Home Inspection today, the closing for the new mortgage is tentatively scheduled for March 24th. My dad shot down my Plan C, so I went back to the drawing board for plan D...

This design keeps the Master Bedroom REALLY large, but makes the walk in closet an odd shape. It minimizes hall space in the Master Bath and has a funky jog in the hallway to reach the Master Bedroom. The Laundry room has just the right amount of space and the full bath upstairs has plenty of room. The dashed line is where I would shift the laundry room out a bit further and shrink Bedroom #2 a little bit. Bedroom #2 becomes 11' x 12' - Bedroom #3 stays 11' x 9' - Bedroom #4 stays 10' x 9' - Bedroom #5 becomes 12.5' x 9'

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