Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I just received the potential plans from The Gallick Corporation. There are three different versions of the front elevation and two different floor plans for the second floor. Here's Plan A.

And Plan B...

Plan B was closest to my original idea, but I now see that it's rubbish. For one, it puts the laundry room in a rather large room, and the bathroom in a very small room. So, I think we'll be flipping that. My father put together a plan to have the Master Bedroom in the back of the house, very much like Plan A. His idea also included a set of stairs to the attic level, and a loft area up there. With two dormers on the front, centered over the garage doors, there would be plenty of upstairs space for offices or a lounge area. I think the loft would also be visually appealing. So, here is plan C...

I'm just a bit concerned that the width of the Master Bedroom is so thin in the center, so there will be more tweaking.

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