Sunday, April 6, 2008


So, I haven't been getting the plans I wanted from Charlie Gallick. The layout kept getting tweaked when it went to drafting and the new roof line went 6 feet above the existing. So, we asked them to lower the roof line and their solution wasn't aesthetically pleasing, so I asked Charlie to come over to discuss it. He blew some contractorese up my you know what about why the roof line was so low (which I didn't appreciate). I may not have known anything about building when I started this, but I learn fast. I have an engineering degree, so given enough time, I could spec out the beams for the project (yes, that's freshman year Statics). It would obviously be cheaper and faster to have someone who does it every day do it.

Then he said it would cost me an extra $15,000 and an extra week to do it my way, citing custom framing versus slapping up trusses. Basically, this tells me that he really doesn't want to do it. When I asked about spray foam insulation, his reaction was "it'll raise the insulation cost 30%". Fiberglass insulation is really really cheap, So I'm not surprised the price will go up. My guess is the extra insulation will pay for itself within 4 years.

I'm just not sure I'm going to get what I want. Maybe it's time to think about doing it myself?

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