Monday, August 25, 2008

Inspections and Insulation

This week, the building inspector will come in and check the work. If he gives it the ok, then the insulation will go in. We'll be using Spray Foam Insulation (installed by NOVA Spray Foam Insulation LLC. The spray foam is a soy based product so it's a renewable resource. The spray foam has the same R-Value as the pink fiberglass it'll be replacing, but it will provide the following benefits:
  1. Spray Foam doesn't let air pass through it. Fiberglass insulation is essentially like a giant furnace filter, so it lets air pass right through it, taking unconditioned air with it.
  2. The Spray foam will cut down on the noise from the airplanes overhead and the school next door.
  3. As an expanding product, they can spray it in to cracks and it will fill the gap that might be too small or awkward to get fiberglass into.
  4. It will add some structural rigidity to the house.
  5. Spray Foam is also non-toxic.

The spray foam will cost a ton more than fiberglass, but it should pay for itself in lower heating and cooling costs.

After the insulation goes in, then the drywall will start going up.

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