Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friends And Family

Thanks to our friends and family members, this project is rapidly drawing to a close. This past Saturday we had a "Painting Party". Charlie's guys did an excellent job preparing the walls, so we had a great canvas to work with. Morrow, Zinger & his wife Steph, and TerryO put primer to wall, while the Czenanski's took our two oldest off of our hands for the day. TGL (our 7 month old) was tag teamed all day, in the morning by Princess Christine and in the afternoon by TerryO's wife Angie.



Mrs. Zinger:


We started out with two 5 gallon buckets of VALSPAR primer (good stuff) from Lowes, but we ran out and I had to run to Home Depot for more Primer. I got the Glidden Drywall Primer and it was lousy. Take a look at this picture.

Looks like a monochromatic Rothko, doesn't it? Anyhoo...The Valspar had good coverage and the walls are definitely a uniform white color, so I won't be using this Glidden ever again.

I applied the a white latex ceiling paint to most of the new construction, I ran out on Tuesday and picked up another gallon today. My brother-in-law, James showed up with Miss Pattie to help put the paint on the walls of the bathrooms and the laundry room.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It took a couple days for the crew to tape the seams and apply the joint compound, but the results are amazing.


We had a small hiccup with the sheetrock installers. Charlie subbed that out and the first crew that came in spent the whole day working on our TV room. When John got in and saw how little progress they had made, he fired them. The next crew that came in worked very fast.

For future reference, in Virginia, you need 5/8" sheetrock on the walls and ceilings between the garage and living spaces, but you can go down to 1/2" for exterior walls.

Here's a look at our Steam Shower before the glass is installed.