Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Great Flood

We left the house for a couple hours yesterday. The plumbers were finishing up their work. When we returned, I gave a tour of the new addition to one of our friends. During the tour, I noticed that the floor in the walk-in-closet was under a thin layer of water...I soaked it up with a towel and more water started draining out of the Pergo. Now, you're not supposed to wet mop Pergo, so I'm guessing leaving it soaking in a layer of water is bad.

I immediately called my contractor, who called the plumber, who showed up bright and early this morning to locate the leak. The plumber investigated for quite some time and finally called the guys that had been working on the job. They admitted that while they were working, they had removed a cap from a pipe in the bathroom vanity and somehow the water got turned on. They had cleaned up the flood in the bathroom, so that by the time we got home, there was no water in there, leaving an inexplicable mess in the walk-in-closet.

The plumber offered to pay for more Pergo, if I had to pull it up, which later the contractor confirmed was the best course of action. The stuff is meant to go down, but not to come back up. I eventually had to take out 4 rows of Pergo to get rid of all the soaked boards and most of them got severely chipped while I was removing them. It's going to take me hours to replace them. There are three complicated cuts in the last row, approximately 2 easy cuts, and then the T-Moulding for the doorways needs to be trimmed to fit and that can be complicated.

Argh. I was so ready to move on to other parts of the house.


Unknown said...

Subcontractor broke it, contractor should have the responsibility for the repairs. The plumbers should be insured for any accidents like this. Keep your eyes open on the ceiling area below where the spill happened and watch for any lines around the tape seams. Might be a good idea to plug in a dehumidifier if you have one.

Chris said...

Shouldn't the sub-contractor fix the flooring? or the main contractor pay to have the work done that the sub flooded?

Did any water seep down as well to the lower floors? Sounds like quite a bit of water was released :( yikes. I like to do plumbing myself, but I always have a little anxiety for weeks post-plumbing-job.