Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gallick Corporation

So, Gallick is officially done with their contract work on the house. We have a 1 year warranty plus work on the solar heating left, so we'll still see them around. They finished 2 weeks earlier than the contract deadline, so we owed them a small bonus. I'm happy with their work and would recommend them to my neighbors. ABL has issues with Charlie, but she would gladly deal with John again. In the grand scheme of things ABL's issues are minor and not related to the quality of the final product.

We had watched a lot of Holmes On Homes, so we were prepared for the worst. Charlie is definitely a fair and honest builder. As far as costs go, Charlie was reasonable, I did have a little sticker shock when I received the bills for the solar thermal system. That would be my fault though, I didn't get an estimate before he started, so I was pretty much stuck paying whatever he charged. My budget for his portion of that work was $3000, but he's charged me $4600 so far and there's probably another $1400 worth of work left. I evaluate that in the larger context of the contract work which was over 100 grand, so to me, 1 thousand or 2 thousand over is just a percent or 2 in the grand scheme of things.

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