Monday, December 29, 2008

Oak Stairs

I've been working on and off around the house (mostly off), trying to finish (it never ends does it?). I've spent a couple of days sanding the treads and risers that will be going into my staircase. My father-in-law loaned me an orbital sander for the job (definitely a must have to make the work go faster).

This past weekend, I spent most of a day staining the wood. It looks amazing. The next step is to coat the treads and risers with a protective layer (three actually) of polyurethane. Each coat takes about 8 hours to dry and I'll have to be careful to avoid getting dust on the finish, so I anticipate this is going to take a couple days to finish before I can start cutting and fitting.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like good work being done. I look forward to the home-showcase!