Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Table Saw

During construction, I borrowed my Brother-In-Law's table saw. It was so handy and versatile, I really hated to return it. This past week, as I was preparing to fix the solar thermal panel, I tried using my circular saw to cut a 2x4 in half. It couldn't get through the board. I had to finish up with a handsaw. So, I went out to Lowes, bought a new blade, then attempted to take the old blade off. It had been torqued way too tight and wouldn't budge. OUCH. It was an impossible task. I ended up buying some penetrating stuff that's supposed to loosen the bolt up. Who knows if it will work.

Meanwhile, I needed something to cut up a 2x4. So I bought a Skil Table Saw at Lowes (we have Lowes Gift cards from B'Days and Christmas)

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