Saturday, July 24, 2010


My father-in-law helped me hang the cabinets. We had a problem with the first one, we had trouble driving the screws deep enough, so we started pre-drilling the holes. The second one went up faster and by the third, we were off to the races. I was amazed at how fast they went in and how well everything fit together.
I was worried about the wall oven cabinet. When I checked the plans and saw the problem over the refrigerator, I realized I had a similar problem with the window area. I had forgotten to account for the spacer between the wall and the oven cabinet. So, my carefully centered window was going to be off-center. BUT...when we were placing the oven cabinet, I realized I didn't need to put the spacer between the wall, I could butt the cabinet right up against the wall and put the spacer between the cabinets. Here's the outcome:
The area above the oven has tray dividers. There's a small drawer (hidden from view) below the ovens. The microwave is going on the other side of the window below the short cabinet. The induction cooktop will be below the microwave.
With the next wall, we put up a ledger board to hold the 2 cabinets in place.
The old stove was on this wall.

We put up two more cabinets on the sink wall and then called it a day. I spent the next couple of days putting more joint compound on the fix over the fridge. When we got back to the cabinets, we had seven left to place. With the wall cabinets over the sink, we had a 1/2 inch gap between the wall cabinets and the tall pantry, but the base cabinets (with the exact same dimensions) didn't quite fit. Did I mention they cut corners when they built my home? Because apparently, they couldn't be bothered to check to see if that wall was vertical. We shrunk the gap for the dishwasher by about a 1/2 inch to make them fit. It figures the last cabinet would give us trouble. I'm really happy with the way they came out. Here's the sink wall:

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