Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hangin' Drywall

I rented a drywall lift and a drywall screwgun from Rentals Unlimited. The drywall lift is a must have piece of equipment; it was just $20 for a day and made hanging drywall on the ceiling ultra easy. The drywall screw gun had the wrong size bit in it, so it stripped out after just 6 or 7 screws. I took it back and they put the right size bit in it. For $15 (per day), the drywall screw gun was an excellent choice. It drove the screws quickly and to a perfect depth every time.
I'm going to put a plug in for Rentals Unlimited here: because I had to take the drill back and get the correct bit, they waived the $15 charge. That is awesome customer service.

Here is the window wall with drywall and the first coat of joint compound.

You don't see it in this picture (you should) and it slipped my mind for the longest time, but I drywalled right over the HVAC vent. OOPS!

We had to build a box over the refrigerator for the new cabinets. Here it is:

Days later, and right before I was to start hanging cabinets, I realized the box was the wrong size...It needed to be 3 inches bigger. ARGH! This disrupted my carefully prepared timetable. I had to build up 3 more inches, hang drywall, tape and apply two coats of joint compound.

Two coats of joint compound added two days to my schedule.

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