Thursday, August 5, 2010


Tuesday, there were a couple areas that looked really bad, so I hit them with another coat of joint compound. I sponged them down a couple hours later, so they would be ready to go when they dried. Also, I stopped in at Rentals Unlimited and picked up a Floor Stripper. The description on their website says, "Remove up to 200 sq. ft. per hour of vinyl or other related soft material"

Your Mileage May Vary...It picked up around 100 s.f. in 2 hours. BUT, it got the job done and the results look awesome, so I'm not complaining. I had to buy a specialized blade that I will most likely never use again for $11 and the rental was $25 for 4 hours but well worth it. Did I mention that sucker is heavy? I strained my back getting it out of the car and had a real tough time getting it back in.

Wednesday, I put primer over the areas with the new joint compound and I put caulk in the corners between the ceiling and the wall as well as a few other inside corners. Later that day, I put a coat of white ceiling paint on the ceiling. It was a Valspar product that goes on pink and dries to white (so you know which areas still need paint). A couple hours after that, I put the paint on the walls. Earthy Cane, here are pictures.

The unpainted areas are getting a tile backsplash.

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