Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We had a new HVAC system put in yesterday. The old system was installed in 1993 and was installed improperly. We didn't notice it, but the unit was tilted slightly and the control wires going out to the heat pump only had 4 conductors. When they installed the new system they had to run a new 8 conductor wire. The contractor was surprised that they were able to get the heat pump to work with only 4 conductors.

So, I got three quotes and I chose Cascades Comfort Services. They were recommended for quality by the Washington Consumer Checkbook. I use the Washington Consumer Checkbook anytime I need to hire someone and I don't get paid to say that. The quote was for $7700, New Air handler, and new 17.45 SEER heat pump. York was offering a $1000 instant rebate. The Commonwealth of Virginia is giving me a 20% rebate (around $1500) and the Federal Government is giving me a $1500 tax credit. The new thermostat is AWESOME! Most importantly, this system will use about half the electricity of the old system. Woo-hoo.