Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Samsung Refrigerator RF263AEBP

Our new refrigerator has had a loose handle for a month or so. There is a very small set screw that holds the door handle on. It has come loose. I tried tightening it myself, but I don't have the right size allen wrench. Today, it came off.

It has a 1 year warranty, so I called Samsung up and asked them to send me the correct size wrench. The first person I talked to said that the refrigerator shipped with the allen wrench, I would have to pay for a new one. I did receive an allen wrench, but it is large and is for taking the doors off the refrigerator, not for tightening the set screw on the handle. I explain all this and the representative says they don't cover damage due to abuse. I claim defect in workmanship and she claims abuse. Obviously an impasse, so I request a manager and I'm put on hold. For a very long time. I explain everything to the manager and he gives me a part number and tells me I have to pay for it because one was included with the refrigerator...Argh.

I then proceeded in my calmest voice to say, "This refrigerator is approximately 6 months old. I have a warranty that states it is covered for 1 year for defects in material and workmanship. I am requesting a warranty call to repair a defect in workmanship." Which must have been the magic words because he gave me another number and told me I would be hearing from their service people in 1 or 2 business days.

So let's recap, he could have spent a couple bucks to send me an allen wrench but he instead chose to make it a service call which will cost Samsung ten times that...Total time on the phone to get the problem fixed - 32 minutes.

UPDATE: Received a call from Samsung. They're sending a 7/32" allen wrench so I can do the repair myself. This representative said he didn't want to send a person to replace the whole door, which is what they would likely do. This guy just saved his company some cash.

Update: In the end, I received a brand new stainless steel handle (my refrigerator is black) and a couple of other things that come with refrigerator. I ended up buying a set of english allen wrenches and tightening the screw myself. Great job Samsung! Wonderful warranty program you've got there.

Update: Samsung called and asked if I wanted to buy an extended warranty on the refrigerator. Umm...NO!

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